#TBT to #dukes for that late night London show 4/12/14. Vid from Mary-Alice Thompson. #WhateverHappenedToPRock

#TBT to that wild late night London show at #dukes back on April 12th. Thanks for capturing vids Mary-Alice Thompson & #whateverhappenedtoprock.

ACT TWO BEGINS. We’re off to Germany today. We’ll miss seeing The Front Bottoms and Brand New everyday. But we’ll cross paths. SUPER STOKED to be in so many new places. SUPER STOKED to crush it with Decade. LET’S DO THIS.

TONIGHT (4/22) - Dortmund, Germany - FZW (headline) -http://bit.ly/savesthedaydortmund
4.23 - Koln, Germany - UNDERGROUND (headline) -http://bit.ly/savesthedaykoln
4.25 - Berlin, Germany - COMET CLUB
(headline - please note: venue moved) - http://bit.ly/1icSdUV
4.26 - Kapfenberg, Austria - OVERDRIVE FESTIVAL  -http://www.overdrivefestival.com/
4.27 - Wiesbaden, Germany - SCHLACTOF (headline) -http://bit.ly/savesthedaywiesbaden
4.28 - Munich, Germany - ORANGEHOUSE (headline) -http://bit.ly/savesthedaymunich
4.29 - Padova, Italy - CIRCOLO MAME (headline) -http://bit.ly/savesthedaypadova
4.30 - Zurich, Switzerland - LOUDFEST 2014 -http://bit.ly/savesthedayzurich
5.02 - Meerhout, Belgium - GROEZROCK 2014 -http://www.groezrock.be/
5.03 - Hamburg, Germany - HEADCRASH - http://bit.ly/savesthedayhamburg
5.04 - Stuttgart, Germany - PIRATE SATELLITE FESTIVAL 2014 -http://bit.ly/savesthedaystuttgart

We are terrible actors and terrible liars. It’s the curse of valuing things that are honest and true above all else. It’s especially difficult when there are things that seem fun to do but then we’re not sure how to do it in a way that feels honest and true to the moment. 

We wanted to make a video but do it on our terms. Sean Stout got it. So at the end of our 2013 fall tour we hung in LA for a day, rented a room, borrowed a PA, bought some beer, and invited some people over. We played a set, played “In The In Between” a few times, and filmed it. This video is a document of the night. No hi-def perfect miming vocals and instruments. We’d have used the live sound if the room didn’t make everything sound like Glenn Branca. 

What Sean captured was the energy we share when we have you all singing along with us. It was a fucking blast. At the end of the night, people were making friends and exchanging numbers. It was Beyond Dope to be a catalyst for that. 

So here is “In The In Between.” If there’s even one person in a tiny room to play for we’ll be there. For now, we’ll see you in the UK and EUROPE. 


tour dates:

#TBT to one of the most rad shows. @vice @danozzi (at Saint Vitus Bar)

Just announced 4/19 and 4/20 at  HIT THE DECK Festival 2014 with BRAND NEW + more. 

Spring UK/Europe tour dates, all here. A few more to be announced soon!

All dates/details/ticket links: http://savestheday.com/tourdates

Cheers to 2013.

Dearest puppies, bunnies, squirrels, friends:
There is no single moment from 2013 that captures the essence of the last 365 days. But this image comes close. It was captured at the St. Vitus aftershow in NYC. Can you hear this photo? We’re on a journey to sort out the grand myths of life and singing songs with you all is the only way to make sense of any of it. It’s a gloriously fun mess. We’re humbled and honored every time. 

2013 began with making demos for our self-titled record in the early weeks of January. It was credit to the faith and trust of everyone that contributed to the pledgemusic campaign that we were given the freedom to create and record the album that we wanted to make. During the process, we reconnected with Equal Vision Records. It is a tremendous credit to Max Bemis and Dan Sandshaw that they believe in you as much as they do in us. 

There is a connection between the way you all helped us pull off the pledge campaign and the inclusive, friend-punk spirit you all bring to the shows. Records are often made behind closed doors. When they’re finished, records are released as a consumer product for listeners to buy. No one is allowed onstage; persons are just expected to pay a ticket and watch the whole presentation unfold politely. Yea, we have a stage too, but we want to dive off of it. We want to hear you sing, we want to create a new memory. We dove off this stage and you held us up. Yes, record and ticket sales help us continue, but we would abandon it all if it overtook the feelings we share through music. We share roots. We trust each other to explore. We trust each other to return.

Pledgemusic was an experiment and we learned a lot of dos and don’ts. Thanks for allowing us some mistakes and the room to fix them. Having studio visitors provided new inspiration in the last few days of tracking. The pledge house shows were so insane and beautiful and we made so many friends in your living rooms, breweries, and campfires. While joking around on twitter, we challenged people to come find us while we drove around the Northeast. Would you believe that someone found us in a Target parking lot (Hi Scott!)?

The fall tour with our comrades in Into It. Over It. and Hostage Calm was both totally bananas and special to us. We met even more of you when we jammed at soundchecks, provided photopasses, had you help us with setlists, or helped us and our crew as a roadie. We would do it again - we would stand in the rain with you at Riot Fest. Anywhere. Evan, Tim, Josh, Josh, Cmar, Tim, Nick, Tom, Keith, and Hilary - love you all. Thanks for making 2013 so awesome.

Of all the pledge stuff, the coolest, most meaningful part was the combination of meeting you all and then seeing you in the crowd at the show - singing along, finger-pointing, and stage-diving. Seeing a familiar face in the crowd: words are small in describing how meaningful that is to us. It can only be described in one of its effects: after 30-something shows, playing 1.5+ hours every night, and putting 500% of ourselves into it every time, we were not at the happy exhaustion that is at the end of most good tours. Happy yes, but that word is small. Exhausted, not in the least. Ready to do more. We were FULLY JAZZED, STOKED, TRANSFORMED. 

We couldn’t stop so we threw an impromptu party, filmed it, and called it a video. You’ll see that soon. We missed you all so much so we hopped in the van again, this time with Walter Schreifels and Jon Simmons. It was fitting to close out our year with these shows - both those guys are both long-term and new inspiration to us. The fun thing about the acoustic shows was that often, the singing in the crowd was louder than our guitars. “…Cause what might seem dumb to you is pounding in my heart.” We said it then and we’ll say it again. Every word Walter has ever sung is truth. 

Thanks to Clem, Joe, Bunny, and Floyd. You are family. Stoked for every new adventure of 2014.
Thanks to Ben, Megan, Dave, and Mark. You are such a crucial part of steering this ship. 
Jenna, and our friends at EVR: Dan, Max, Natalie - 2013 was bananas thanks to you, 2014 is gonna be full ape.

Most of all, thanks to everyone that has come to a show, listened to our music, tweeted at us, or shared their humanness with us. Everything exists because of you.

We’ll be in the UK with Brand New. Then we’ll be playing lots of shows in Europe. We’re ready to cry with you. It’s time. Warped Tour - some of us remember going to see Quicksand on Warped ‘95. Seeing a bunch of bands in the warmth of summer? Fuck yeah, we’re STOKED. Most of all, we’re excited to hang it with you all again. Let’s Fucking Do This.

Emotional, hardcore.
Arun, Chris, Dennis, & Rodrigo // Saves The Day

(Photo credit: Rebecca Reed)


As we type to you from Long Island, NY (at 89 North Music Venue TONIGHT)….we give you this UK tour announcement for April 2014 with the almighty BRAND NEW.

Tickets for these shows go on sale this Friday (12/20) at 9am local time.

More announcements to come soon. Long Island tonight - let’s do this.